Dream Tours

It all starts with a dream.

Our Custom Private Tours really can make your dreams come true.

Some alumni of our scheduled group tours have asked us to design and conduct a personalized week or 10 days in Europe – just for them. You can choose the dining destinations, activities, and lodging of your choice, or leave the selections in our capable hands. Whether or not you’ve traveled with us before, we’d be delighted to create a customized private tour just for you.

We make it easy:

  • First, you choose a place from our list of Dream Tours destinations and let us know when you want to travel.
  • We’ll begin a no-pressure conversation with you about your dream, your expectations, your traveling hopes.
  • We mix your imagination with our experience to craft a week of activities that resonate with your wish list.
  • We meet you at your chosen destination and accompany you each day of your custom private tour, sharing the stories, sights, and experiences we’ve discovered during two decades of slow traveling.

We offer Dream Tours in these exciting destinations:

Whether you’re just in the dreaming phase or getting serious about trip planning, reach out to us! Contacting info@musicandmarkets.com is your first step to turning your imagination into a delightful memory of a dream fulfilled.