Friday, Aug. 8, 2014
Across the pond to France

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Another smooth safe trip  – thankful! Winging across the Atlantic, I peekout my window and say goodnight to the moon, next stop Paris!

And from there, a 3 1/2 hour TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse – FAST train) that departs right from the airport.

As I snooze or read, we whiz out of Paris, through verdant pastoral Burgundy landscapes,

and when Mt. Saint Victoire comes into view, we’re pulling into the Aix TGV station, 18 km. outside of town.

The shuttle to Aix is ready to leave and I jump on just in time, and soon am walking in the door of Ambiance d’Aix, a smile on my face.

Our most recent renter, a talented artist, was here for a month, and has left the place in perfect shape – merci!
Only thing I need to do is unpack, catch up on emails, and pick up something for dinner. I wait til it cools down a bit, and walk down rue Gaston Saporta, peeking into the gracious entry of the Museum of Old Aix,

and stopping to take in the never-ending party that is Aix ….a jazz combo entertains the aperitif sippers on Place de l’Hotel de Ville, leaping as they wail on their sax and trumpet. They’ve got more energy than I do this evening!

Welcome back to Aix!