Friday, April 3, 2009

Southwest France
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After a great night’s sleep in Jill’s lovely stone house, we’re off to explore! Jill has picked favorite spots to show off “her” area of France, and we’re delighted to claim her as our tour guide for a few days.

Puy L’Eveque is our first stop, and we dodge a few raindrops as we follow the “Visite de la Villesigns.

We’d love to have the brochure describing what we’re seeing, but the Tourist Office isn’t open at the moment. Up and down the winding streets we climb, enchanted by scattered trompe l’oeuil eyes watching our progress. We like these kinds of tricks – whimsical fun for the eyes.
Stopping for a delicious lunch at the Hotel Bellevue, perched above the river, we’re glad to be inside as the rain pours down. After enjoying local specialties – a skewer of duck breast and prunes (from Agen, I’m sure!), confit de canard, and rabbit with olives – we’re ready to brave the diminishing rain.
Jill’s “Red Roo”, a spacious Renault Kangoo, is terrific for sightseeing, with its wide tall windows.

She pulls up right by the Lot river so we can snap a photo of Cahor’s renowned Pont Valentre, constructed in the Middle Ages and still standing tall today.

After a tea/hot cocoa stop, we head for home,

and relish a quiet evening by the wood stove in the old farmhouse – France with friends is lots of fun!