Wednesday September 23, 2015
The Cotswolds, England

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How about celebrating Mozart in the matchless city of Bath, England in November?

It’s one of those special birthdays…ending in a 5…and where in the world have I chosen to celebrate? In the peacefully gorgeous Cotswolds in England! And in one of the most beautiful places in which we’ve ever stayed, Lords of the Manor in the tiny hamlet of Upper Slaughter.09231501 Arrival Lords of the Manor From the first glimpse of the golden stone mansion tucked into luxuriant gardens, I was absolutely delighted.
And then the gracious hostess walked us through the cushioney and inviting sitting areas, 09231501 inviting seating areasand down winding hallways to our room as the delight continued. 09231501 our room thanx for bday upgradeIf there were anything available to eat this late in the afternoon, we’d just stay right here! But getting out of Heathrow took too much time, as usual (longest passport control lanes we’ve EVER been in!) and with the nearly two hour drive on top of that, it’s waaaay past our lunchtime! The closest place to get a bite to eat at this time is Bourton-on-the-Water, not far from the Manor, so off we go. 09231501 starving took hours to get out of airport to bourtonThis area and our beloved Aix are both filled with buildings of a honey golden stone, its color shade-shifting as the light changes through the day. 09231501 town golden stone like beloved Aix and gardensWhat could be more satisfying on a crisp fall afternoon than a cream tea? 09231501 treat cream teaOh how I love that dense clotted cream – there’s just nothing like it! Slathered on a raisin-studded buttery scone, topped with a smear of strawberry jam….just what I wanted on my birthday 😉
A stroll around Bourton-on-the-Water confirms the fact that we’re here at the most beautiful time of year, with fall hues09231502 blooms prime time and fall color joining the lush flower-filled window-boxes09231502 blooms prime time and gardens – heavenly! 09231502 blooms prime time everywhere we lookHave you ever seen so many colors of hydrangea on one bush?!09231502 blooms prime time oneWinter’s coming…and this home is well-prepared with a hefty stack of firewood by the front door. 09231502 but cold weathers on the wayBack to Lords of the Manor for a cozy nap to help us get over jetlag,09231502 lords of the manor nap enjoying the fragrant lavender as we pass.09231502 stop and smell the lavenderThen we’re off again09231502 out to lower swell pub dinner for a pub dinner in nearby Lower Swell (loving these names!), before returning for a good night’s sleep09231503 so cozy and inviting – we’ve got lots of fun to pack in the next few days!