Saturday, March 28, 2015, continued
Cahors, France

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As we read the itinerary for the Midi Pyrenees Wine and Heritage tour on which we were invited, we saw that we’d be spending time not far from our dear friend Jill, so asked if she’d like to meet us in Cahors for an afternoon. As our guide briefs the group about this intriguing town I walk towards its famous bridge, Pont Valentré, where we’ve arranged to meet.03281504 cahors pont valentréAnd here she comes! We first met Jill in Prague when she and a friend joined us on a Music and Markets Tour there a decade ago, and she has since gone on at least 5 more of our tours (most recently last year’s Aix Easter Festival Tour) , so in addition to becoming a dear friend, she’s certainly our best client!03281504 jill lives nearby reference 2 years ago blogMany of the stops on this heritage tour have been on the Way of Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrimage to northwest Spain, and Cahors, too, was an important waypoint – the signature scallop on the cobbles of 14th century Pont Valentré, a Unesco World Heritage site, testifies to the path they took.03281504 pilgrims cross bridgeCahors is spread out enough that we first tour on a bus, then walk into the historic center, where the city has conserved a remarkable number of medieval houses,03281504 u spring bloomsstopping at the cathedral as well.03281504 town cathedralWe first visited this area in the late 90s, and are familiar with it’s “black wine” but it has certainly taken off since then…and now is proudly marketed as the original Malbec.
We’re invited to the Cahors Malbec Lounge for a lesson on the wine, 03281505 cahors tastingand of course a tasting, 03281505 jill tastingwhere we find that Cahors has its own special glass, with a ring in the stem.03281505 cahors malbecAs we leave to check into our hotel for the night, Jill says goodbye – what a treat it’s been to spend time with her! Last time we were in this area, two years ago, we so enjoyed a visit at her new home. When we first met in 2005, she was still living in Bermuda, but now lives in this beautiful part of France.
The day’s completed with a marvelous dinner at Le Marché – beginning with a layered Pain d’Epices (spice bread) and foie gras appetizer, 03281506 dinner favethrough the tenderest lamb we’ve ever tasted, also layered, this time with eggplant, sundried tomatoes, pesto, and goatcheese. 03281506 sow cooked lamb millefeuille see menuThe best meal yet!