Sunday & Monday, August 23-24, 2015
Aix en Provence, France

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Even in places where we spend a lot of time, we keep looking up and around – and are often surprised by something delightful that we hadn’t previously noticed, like this little door-topping cherub. 08231501 am sundayOne of Aix’s loveliest corners, the Pavilion Vendome, is hosting a “Pique-Nique Musical” as part of Musique dans la Rue. Described as “under a Berber tent, in a nomad ambiance, you can bring your picnic…”. 08231501 berber tentWe take the (what we thought) easy way – buying middle Eastern specialties from les délices d’Aminata, who have set up a stall in the park. But with only two people serving everyone who wants to enjoy their offerings, one selling and one preparing, we didn’t know we’d have to wait more than half an hour in line, getting hungrier by the minute! But we did have musical entertainment as we waited, and the kebabs were indeed delicious! 08231501 line up for lunch and listen video tooThe much-anticipated jazz concerts scheduled for the evening were, unfortunately, rained out – a torrential storm blew through Aix Sunday evening!
Just a couple more days til we fly back to the US, and Cassidy’s now a regular at the bakery,08241502 baguette runas well as the café where she sits, sips, and studies her college textbooks on her phone. 08231502 cass cafeI’ve long appreciated the interesting classes Kathy offers at Food Lovers Odessey, both in France and Italy. Finally we’re both in Aix at the same time, so we visit her cooking school studio and enjoy a tasty aperitif. 08241501 food lovers kitchenWe’ll continue to let our Ambiance d’Aix renters know about her classes in Aix – such a delicious way to experience life here!
Monday evening’s filled with concerts again, and we enjoy a couple of them with our friends,08241502 musique then have a fun gathering in their apartment with lots of goodies from both of our refrigerators – 08241502 ordob join us then aperoit’s getting to be clean-out-the-cupboard time, always much more fun in Aix than when we’re leaving Virginia!