Wednesday, April 6, 2017
The Riviera, France

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We’re looking ahead to summer –  why not join us on the fabulous Amalfi Coast , in Provence, or Amsterdam?

Menton’s cheery yellow market is the first stop of the day. With the colorful town rising behind, the mountains beyond, flowering lemon trees (Menton is proud of its lemons and has a fabulous festival celebrating them every February – a terrific winter trip!) and fresh produce show off in a beautiful setting.
Our tour continues with picturesque squares, perfectly shabby shutters, and steep vaulted passageways. We’ve been told that “Riviera” signifies mountains meeting the sea, and Menton’s built right into this abrupt rise from the water.Outside of town near a hilltop village, the Val Rameh gardens offer a round-the-world botany tour clustered around a lovely home. From jasmine draped bridges to bamboo forests and even a unique specimen of the Toromiro tree of Easter Island, it’s a fascinating wander.
The one garden and villa we’ve visited before, when we hosted a private tour of Provence and the Riviera in 2010, is the fabulous Villa Ephrussi-Rothschild. We’re invited for lunch and a quick tour of the interior before entering the gardens, fragrant with wisteria and in full spring bloom.My favorites of the 7 gardens are the Florentine, with azalea draped architectural beauties, and the Spanish, golden arches beside an Alhambra-like rectangle of water.
With views across the bay to Villefranche-sur-Mer, I can well understand the choice of this perfect peninsula for the majestic home and gardens.
As on our previous visit, I could spend hours by these musical dancing fountainswhat a delight!