Monday – Wednesday, March 30 to April 1, 2015
Paris, France

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A quick flight from Toulouse to Paris Orly Airport, on the bus with other Rendezvous France participants, and we’re soon whizzing up to the top levels of our Seine-side hotel, with views to Paris’s own Statue of Liberty 30 plus floors below. 03301503 from 30 stories upTonight we’re invited to the Lido, a first for us….and we had no idea that these Parisian shows included not just those renowned high-kicking girls, but a sword-swallower, acrobats, ice-skaters, a playful mime,03301503 lido mime clowns, and more! In between bites of a quite good dinner we took it all in – a calliope rather like a one-man-band, 03301503 lido musicParis-in-the-rain sketches, 03301503 lido show all I knew about was can cansmiling showgirls03301503 prancing around with headressesstrutting around with head dresses nearly as high as they were tall,03301503 lido showgirls guess I knew about that tooand what had been billed as “an epic can-can” 03301504 can can at last – my favorite part of all!
The gorgeous dresses were lined with pink feathers!03301504 feathery skirts and high kicksAfter a full day of meetings with travel suppliers from around the country, we crossed the Seine at sunset for another evening of fun, 03311501 cross seine at sunsetthis time at the Pompidou Center – more dancing girls,03311501 dancing girls again and I love Pariscrooning “I Love Paris…”03311501 I love Parisand a private look at the Jeff Koons retrospective. Yes, we knew about his balloon figures, 03311501 koons

but not about this exotic mirror (his Antiquity series), 03311501 mirroror the Gazing Ball series – classical figures adorned with spheres It’s always a pleasure to view art in a quiet non-crowded setting. 03311501 reclining ballWe finished our Paris quickie with dinner with our dear friends from Virginia 04011501 better chef than photographer(the proprietor was a better server than photographer!) – we’ve enjoyed memorable meetings with them in Paris through the years. Perhaps my favorite was that November when we looked at the holiday windows of the Grands Magasins together. Kirk enjoyed his only snails of the trip that evening.04011501 only snails of the tripNext stop – back to our beloved Aix en Provence!