Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016
Southern France

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Today we’re going Christmas shopping – a couple of months late. You know that cool dark cave we’ve mentioned, down spooky ancient stairs to a dungeon like area below our apartment? Well it’s time to put something delicious and interesting in there, not just unused furniture or household items. Something we can find in the hills north of Aix, so we’re driving to an area filled with 15 years of memories, past the pale pink of almonds,02031601 almond trees first to bloom the first blooms of spring.
We’ll end up in the pretty wine village of Gigondas, but first we head for the places that bring a smile to our faces – Sablet, the village that shines on its hill at night, 02031601 gigondas no restos to vaison via sablet remember out windowbest viewed from our bedroom window in our dear friend Karen’s former beautiful countryside villa where we first visited in the summer of 2000. A little further down the road Seguret clings to the side of its hill. 02031601 memories of weddings and partiesAnother village that gleamed its light to the villa at night, and where we toasted an elegant civil wedding that preceded a joyous celebration by the vines in the garden of the villa later that year.
By now it’s lunchtime so we buzz on to Vaison la Romaine, where the old parking lot, surrounded by cafés, is now paved over.02031602 forgettable lunch on vaison square no more parking Lunch at a café is forgettable, but the town is still full of fun memories – the Roman ruins which watched over our departed friend Suzy’s house 02031602 marc antony suzys house(she always said Marc Antony was looking in her window), and, beneath the medieval part of town, that graceful Roman bridge, 02031602 old town above roman bridge stayed 1992which survived the horrific 1992 floods even when all of the newer bridges were washed away.
No one’s home at the villa where we spent many happy times today, so we walk around the back, Kirk recalling the hours prepping the garden to be as beautiful as possible for the wedding of Miles (Karen’s son) & Mira in the fall of 2000.02031602 stop by kvf I can still picture that lovely couple, framed by the dramatic Dentelles in the background, that lush vineyard spreading behind them.02031602 views of jagged dentellesOh the hours we’ve spent here, relaxing, feasting, laughing, celebrating….
The little village of Gigondas is tucked up against the jagged Dentelles, surrounded by prime vineyards. 02031603 gigondasWe’ve had a few choice bottles from here through the years, and stop by the village wine shop, where we have a choice of vintages from all the surrounding vineyards – Christmas shopping done!
Life moves on – but the memories remain, to enjoy forever!