Monday, July 13, 2015
Capri, Italy

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We’ve long wanted to walk Via Krupp, a beautiful curving walk with great views of the Faraglioni, the rock cluster on the south side of Capri, but once again it’s closed…as it has been every time we’ve visited. So we’ve chosen another hike for this morning, early, before the heat of the day…to Arco Naturale. Up via Tragara, through an al fresco restaurant where the only one stirring is the Signora, cleaning up after last night’s diners, then down towards the rocky shore, and there it is, one of Capri’s natural wonders. 07131501 arcoAs we pass back through the restaurant’s terrace we see stairs angling down, with a sign to Capri center and via Tragara – another way back – let’s try it!
Well if we’d known what we were getting into we would have taken the original way back…and we should have COUNTED all the stairs we climbed, up and down –  at LEAST a thousand. 07131501 by another wayPausing once in a while to take in the views, such as this unique property filling a point with its modernity (the sun so bright that a photo was difficult), 07131501 house on a pointwe were wishing that we had brought water…we had no idea our hike would be this long!
Finally the Faraglioni came into view – we’re getting close to civilization! 07131502 closerAnd then we sighted yachts from Marina Piccola, 07131502 marina piccolaand soon were out of the woods and on a paved walkway near this impressive hotel, loosely based on  a Corbusier design.07131502 perched hotelThe wilderness is behind us, and ahead are gardens laden with lemons and morning glories,07131502 woods behind now gardensvivid homes, their color accented with brilliant bougainvillea, 07131502 z vividand just beside the flower covered property we posted on the previous blog, a lush wisteria vine over a hundred years old!07131503 century oldJust before we step through the archway of San Felice is one of our favorite entries – 07131503 near albergoa lovely walkway to a private home.
Now for a well-deserved breakfast in the garden!