Ho-Ho-Holidays in New York City

December, 2017
New York City

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We’re looking ahead to Spring – Aix en Provence for the Easter Festival.

It’s Christmas time in the city! Just can’t resist a few more holiday lights – so up we come from DC to NYC for a weekend! We’ve lately become fans of The Milburn, in the upper west side, and are happy to hear that we can check in early before stopping at one of the many excellent restaurants nearby for lunch (we chose tiny little Piccolo, on Amsterdam Avenue – and had a yummy authentic Italian meal). Then we’re off to see the Christmas sights, walking across Central Park and down 5th Avenue where the crowds really begin. Cartier exudes chic holiday elegance with its signature red bow, Tiffany glitters outside as well as in, and Bergdorf Goodman highlights New York city icons with their sleek decor – love this silver tree with musical instruments!The crowds are intense at the Rockefeller Center – this is as close as we’ll get to the tree! But we’re content to stand by the angels, eyes on Saks across the street,where the show is about to begin! Just after 4:30 in the evening the façade explodes with color and lights as music pours out over the crowds – a very Disney feel, appropriate as Saks’ windows celebrate 80 years of Snow White magic! Hear the snippets of “Whistle While You Work” or “Someday My Prince Will Come”?
One beautifully crafted window after another recounts the tale – that wicked stepmother and the poisoned apple, the 7 dwarfs’ hospitality, the prince’s kiss, and of course, the happily-ever-after! Designers share their holiday frocks, inspired by the tale, such as this colorful gown by Naaem Khan. We’re not shopping, but we peek inside too – feels like a wonderland!
And now time for some refreshment – a taste of Paris at Maison Kayser! Before we head back uptown we say hi to the garlanded lions at the New York Public Library. It’s just perfect walking weather – always a pleasure in the city!
Today we’ll focus on more intimate decorations, pausing at the Sunday market on Columbus before crossing Central Park. Walking up one block and down another of the Upper East Side, we ooh and aah at the holiday decor – from little accents by a stairpost, to a welcoming nutcracker by an English basement door. We often see a spread of greens and pine cones, accented with snow remaining from a couple of days ago, on the garden beds – an idea we’d like to try in our front yard next year.
We’ve saved a classic beauty for last – the angel tree in the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Superb 18th century creche figures from Naples adorn the towering spruce, placed in front of a delicate and impressive Spanish choir screen also from the 1700s. Charming as the village scenes and the worshipful nativity are, it’s  the bevy of angels, with their luxurious flowing silk robes and graceful poses, that are the show-stopper. Even if you see nothing else in the Met at Christmas, visit the tree!
We continue the Italian theme with a late lunch at Machiavelli in the upper west side – the decor nearly as sumptuous as that tree!  And the fritto misto was as good as any I’ve had in Italy, from where our next update will arrive!
May your holidays be merry and bright – and filled with light and beauty!

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