Friday, September 25, 2015
The Southern Cotswolds, England

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Surprise! Someone’s decorated the Market Hall with colorful streamers during the night! We didn’t hear a thing…stealth streamers!09251501-colorful-streamers
After a hearty breakfast in the Tea Room downstairs, we’re on our way, making sure to take the road east of town where we’ve read that there are a bevy of thatched roof beauties. And they don’t disappoint!09251501-cottages-thatched I’m fascinated by the precise trim,09251501-fascinated-by-precise-trim the designs on the roofpeak, each distinctive,09251501-peaks-distinctivethe gentle curves, which look as if they’ve been smoothed and shaped by a giant hand.09251502-curves-gently-smoothedFall is much further along here than at home in Virginia, topping the fences with brilliant berries,09251501-fence-topped draping the homes with crimson.09251501-fall-much-further-along-hereAn undulating hedge fronting another thatched home looks like a giant about to awaken –09251501-more-like-a-sleeping-giant-ready-to-wake-up-than-a-hedge I can imagine a green monster rising up with a stretch!
Bibury, nearly an hour south of Chipping Campden, is another popular Cotswold village, and one that we’re including on our Bath Mozartfest Tour itinerary. With its rows of weavers cottages built in 1380, known as Arlington Row,09251502-south-to-biburystill lived in today, a graceful church (garlanded with roses from a recent wedding),09251502-st-marys-garlanded-from-wedding an inviting inn09251502-trout-farm-too with beautiful gardens09251502-swan-inn-gardens and a stream burbling through it all,09251502-wm-morris-prettiest it’s no wonder that William Morris dubbed it the prettiest village in England.
The old inn in which we used to enjoy afternoon tea is no longer open, and a charming lady who’s decorating a window in the church09251502-st-marys-harvest-festival for the upcoming harvest festival recommends a place down the road.
Oh yes – Barnsley House will be perfect for our tour guests!09251503-barnsley-house We’re delighted with the cozy interior – we’ll reserve the corner by the fireplace for our group!09251503-perfect-spot-for-tea-on-tourAnd the gardens are an absolute wonder – 09251503-Fabulous-gardenswith inviting nooks09251503-inviting-nooks and luscious long views – 09251503-long-viewsbreathtaking!
It’s been a few years since we’ve been in Bath, so we’re re-acquainting our selves with this gracious city. Our first concert for the Mozartfest in November will be in the majestic Abbey.09251503-reacquainting-with-bath And of course we’ve got to make sure that the restaurants we’d previously chosen for the tour are still good! So after a delicious dinner not far from the abbey we say goodnight to Bath09251503-where-Austens-heroines-walked1 – we’ll be back tomorrow!