Monday, July 13, 2015, continued
Capri, Italy

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After that VERY strenuous hike we deserve a good meal or two, right?! And some nice relaxing time by the pool too! On the way to the pool Kirk can’t resist deadheading (he actually does this wherever he goes in the world)…he always leaves a garden prettier than when he arrived. 07131503 the deadheaderAnother plus at San Felice, the beautiful pool…with lots of chaises to soak in the sun, and inviting corners in which to relax under an umbrella. 07131503 why not relax heeThe poolside bar offers an extensive menu, and a glass of cold crisp white is the perfect aperitif as we choose our lunches.07131503 z lunch by pool“My brother caught these this morning…” says the owner…07131504 brother caughtBut we decide on something lighter – a salad for me, grilled vegetables and buffalo mozzarella for Kirk….and we’re wowed by the size of the mozzarella! 07131504 massive mozzThe afternoon’s spent napping and relaxing by the pool – now I REALLY feel like we’re on vacation!
We’ve chosen another place with a view for dinner, and aren’t disappointed. Panorama’s been open less than a year, and in addition to the obviously spectacular view, 07131504 walked down between marina and townthere’s a garden right beside the outdoor dining area, 07131504 under lemon tree dinnerand the meal is as delicious as the vista. Capri, you’re a delight!