Tuesday, April 5, 2010
Aix en Provence, France

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The day we’ve been waiting for is here …how shall we keep ourselves occupied until our 4:30 appointment to see the apartment?
Meeting Ed and Daria for lunch happily fills an hour or two. Ed just flew in from the States, and is staying awake long enough for lunch at Les Philosphes on Place des Cardeurs, just downstairs from their apartment (which, as you know, was OUR apartment in January).

Duck is one of the daily specials, an easy choice for Kirk….the first time this trip, unusually!

I choose the Salade Gour- mande,
which Laura had when we met for lunch here on Friday – and it’s just as temptingly beautiful as I remembered – and delicious as well.

It’s our last meal in France so we splurge on dessert too – a fresh raspberry millefeuille for Kirk
and I introduce Daria and Ed to Café Gourmand.

This one’s a winner, with a shatter of toasted sugar atop a tiny crème brulée, a dollop of pistachio mousse topped with a strawberry fan, and a raspberry crowned panna cotta.
Oh I love these little treats!

And FINALLY we get to see the apartment in person. Oh it’s even better “live” ! Not always the case with real estate ads.

Those gorgeous gypseries (moldings) on the ceilings and walls..

elegant doors to the master bedroom, and a marble fireplace

a little kitchen – we’ll make it work, this place is worth it!

twelve-foot ceilings and ancient hardware on the windows

and in the basement of the apartment building, a big old vaulted stone cave for storage.

We’re hooked!
We rush to Aline’s car, and she speeds us to the train station, answering our questions “we want it – what next?”
and before we know it, we’re on the train to Paris, quickly downloading the photos we took onto our laptops so we can gaze and dream.
By the time we get to our hotel and get online, Aline’s sent us the correct wording for the offer letter….and off it goes.
Will the owner choose us? We’re sure that she’ll get many offers on this lovely place.We’re the first ones to see it….and we know that last year she put it on the market and decided not to sell.
We won’t keep you hanging….we got home on Wednesday, and on Friday received a happy email from Aline that our offer was accepted! Next step….the Compromis de Vente ( Promise to Buy), which we’ve asked to be scheduled on April 26, when we’ll be back in Europe.