September 2014

Interested in a Music and Markets Tour? We’d love to hear from you!  How about an unforgettable holiday with us at  New Years’ Jazz in Italy

After our weekend full of visiting several French treasures, from Paris to Aix, today the kitchen work begins in earnest. We grab a minute to snap a photo of the market on our way to meet with a cuisiniste  – a kitchen specialist – to talk about what we’d like.

We began the process in August, meeting with three different possible contractors, and hope to get enough information to make our decision this week.
Some of our research requires a car, so we’ve reserved the best deal available from Hertz, and are happily surprised that our Fiat 500 comes with a roll-top! I consider it a perfect birthday gift – merci, Hertz!

Top down on Tuesday, my birthday, we head for our favorite seaside spot nearby, Cassis. Lunch is a Michelin-starred treat (we’ve certainly enjoyed more of those than usual lately, such as our delicious lunch at Hôtel les Lodges Sainte Victoire last month) at Villa Madie, perched above the Mediterranean.

The meal, on the breezy terrace, is as delicious as expected, and my birthday dessert, a fig tart, is the perfect finale.

A stroll around the charming old town,

and the colorful port keep us smiling –

Cassis is a celebration all by itself!