A Frescoed Lakeside Village

A Frescoed Lakeside Village

Saturday May 28, 2016, continued
Lake Orta, Italy

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We fell in love with petite Lake Orta, especially the alluring hamlet of Orta San Giulio, when we first saw it, so it’s definitely on our must-return list on this lake journey! Our journey from the Verbania side of Lake Maggiore gets us quickly to the top of Lake Orta, and the village of Omegna, where Alessi has been headquartered since the 1920s. 05281603 alessi hq top of ortaBright primary colors, flowing canals, and abundant greenery make up the compound, and we check out all of the marvelous design items in the factory store, crowned with an iconic teapot.
Orta San Giulio has become more tourist-friendly since we were last here…and a nice addition is a multi-story covered parking garage, where we find a spot and walk down to the enchanting village, looking up as we stroll to see all of the beautiful frescoes that we remember.05281603 fresco filled orta san giulioWe pause in the garden of the Palazzo Communale,05281603 from gardens of palazzo communale taking in the view of Isola San Giulio offshore,05281603 from gardens to island view went there last time link blog then meander through the portico on the side 05281603 gracious frescoes porchand out into the narrow lanes.
There’s that delightful balcony where we enjoyed an anniversary dinner 8 years ago! 05281603 memories diff resto same balconyThe restaurant name has changed – wonder if it’s even better than Antico Agnello?
Someone’s peeking out a window 05281603 peeking out a trompeloiel windowas we enter the main square, lakeside. And in front of this arcaded building, ancient heraldic shields fading in the sun,  05281603 uplook as we walka stage is being set up for an evening performance – wish we could stay longer!
The view from this rainbow row is terrific – 05281603 view of homes as pretty as view of lakeand we walk closer to shore to gaze out at the islet. 05281604 can taxi to monastery island link to previous blogWe boated out last time, today we’ll just look, perhaps with a bit of envy at those sailors. 05281604 enjoy perfect size of lake for a sail or driveUp the cobbled hill we go,05281604 hill up past more frescoes to seek out  some more frescoed beauties – a trio on this façade. 05281604 revisit trio of beautiesFrom a swooping Annunciation05281605 annunciation to a tender Madonna and Child, 05281605 sweet little madonnait must be a tale of Mary.
Aaah Lake Orta, you’re a fitting finish to our lake-ramble week. Back in our hillside apartment, a final sunset toast05281606 home in time for sunset to the beautiful Lake District of Italy!