Dinner with Salvatore at Caprai Winery

Dinner with Salvatore at Caprai Winery

Friday, February 3, 2012, continued
Umbria, Italy

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We cooked and we ate, now we’re back on the bus, heading for our next wine adventure.
Snow covered Umbrian towns flash by the window,

and we soon pull into the courtyard of Hotel Villa Zuccari, an historic family home from the 15th century that is now a welcoming and lovely hotel. Oh how we’d love to relax in this cozy salon, leafing through the books and magazines. But we have just enough time to check in, drop our luggage in our room, and then back on the bus once again!
Another winery awaits – the Arnaldo Caprai estate in Montefalco. First, a wine tasting – Sagrantino, of course. Caprai, founded in 1971, has since been the leader in the revival of the Sagrantino di Montefalco grape. Grown in the area for more than 400 years, it had fallen out of use and favor, but thanks to research and long-term experimentation, Caprai and other local producers now offer top quality wines that uniquely express the terroir of Montefalco. And there’s nothing like sipping a wine just steps from where it was grown – along with a nibble of that other Umbrian/ Tuscan delight, bruschetta. Once again it’s doused with the estate’s own green and grassy new olive oil.

Upstairs, a beautifully appointed table awaits us, silver glowing, glasses
sparkling in candlelight from the massive fireplace.

Salvatore Denaro and his minions have been hard at work in the kitchen, preparing dinner . He walks us through the feast that is coming our way – pasta, hearty beef and savory sauces on the stove, and dessert chilling in the cooler.

A few of us can’t resist that pasta dough and just have to help roll out the umbrichelli (thick spaghetti).

After that fantastic lunch we created, it’s hard to believe we can devour another feast, but we rise to the occasion, enjoying course after course,

accompanied by more excellent Caprai vintages.

We are really enjoying this group of wine-loving travel experts. Nearly every year we join a group of fellow travel professionals on such a tour, and this bunch has been the most fun – each one is a pleasure to spend time with as we make our way from one Umbrian vineyard to another.