Captivating Capri

Captivating Capri

Monday, July 20, 2015
Amalfi, Italy

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We’ll speed on the sea to Capri, but first we have to get to Amalfi from Maiori..along the barely-wide-enough-for-2-little-cars Amalfi Coast Highway…will these buses make it by each other? Not without a LOT of manoeuvring! 07201501 buses can 2 pass only with major maneuveringI continue to be in awe of these patient and skillful drivers – I can’t imagine driving a car on this road (although Kirk does it expertly), much less a huge BUS!
The sea is wide open – no challenge to avoid other boats here – and soon Capri comes into view. See that dot of white about a third of the way down the ridge? 07201501 capri in sightThat’s our destination – who knows what it is?!
We quickly load into a taxi and head up the rock from Marina Grande, 07201501 in we pileand soon we’re walking the peaceful paths of Villa San Michele in Anacapri,07201501 to villa house and gardens Dr. Axel Munthe’s exquisite house and gardens built over the ruins of a Roman emperor’s palace in the early 1900s. We love how he incorporated Roman relics discovered during construction – a marble face here, a bit of a pillar there…07201502 axel munthe homeThrough the shaded gardens, 07201502 exquisite gardenswe stroll to that white spot we saw from the sea on our approach…07201502 f by the chapelour group has expanded a bit, with the addition of two of the marvelous musicians of the Amalfi Coast Music Festival, 07201502 group has expandedpianist Boaz Sharon and flutist Nancy Stagnitta, who’s taking the photo.
And there, far below is where we sailed in, with this red granite sphinx gazing down on us – we could see the white building, but not this red speck from so far away. 07201502 where we came from from the end look up and seeOlga and her daughter have been relaxing on the rooftop cafe, and we join them there 07201503 back to cafebefore browsing the shops on the way back to Anacapri’s main square, 07201503 capri sandalsthen making our way07201503 lunch ahead to lunch at Il Solitario. 07201503 lunch under the vinesSharing a toast, we all agree that a Caprese Salad tastes best in Capri, 07201503 why not begin with capreseand imagine the fishermen catching our lunch early this morning. 07201503 why not continue with seafoodThe only way to get from the marina, and Capritown, to Anacapri until 1874 when a road was built, was a still-usable stairway zigzagged into the cliff. The ride down, along the side of Monte Solaro, is as scary as that staircase! 07201504 cliffside roads to capritownAnacapri is the quieter, less-glitzy town on the island, Capritown is the one FILLED with high-end shops07201504 jewelry – including a grand total of FIVE Ferragamos! 07201504 ferragamo one of 5But as you know from our stay here earlier in July, the entire island is filled with beauty – keep looking around and up as you shop and stroll!07201504 keep looking around tooA quick funicular descent, 07201504 to marina grandeand we’re back on the boat towards the mainland – arrivederci, Capri! 07201505 bye byeOh how much beauty that rock hides in its crevices! 07201505 rock hides much beautySoon we’re pulling into Amalfi, 07201505 to amalfiand we meet again for a final dinner in Maiori. 07201505 goodbye dinnerChatting with Edith, the charming mother of Leslie, the festival director, we’re the last to leave…and tomorrow we’ll say goodbye to this gorgeous coast and head for Tuscany!