Art in the Streets in Aix

Art in the Streets in Aix

September 2014

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Friday evening finds us back in the gracious Mazarin Quartier for an “Apero Arty” at Galerie Maison Dauphine. Ambiance d’Aix is on the north side of town, in the oldest part of Aix, with narrow curvy lanes. This newer part of town from the 1700s, on the south end of the historic center, is laid out in a grid, each wide street lined with elegant Hôtels Particuliers, private homes, most with spacious gardens, such as those we visited last weekend.

We read about tonight’s event on Aixcentric (Lynne is SO good at keeping us informed of goings on in Aix and surrounds!) and had seen the Jimmy C, the artist’s, signature heart “street art” on the site. We weren’t expecting to see fine art as well – who knew that scenes such as this – Southbank, could be painted with “drip art”?!

A blank canvas awaits further work outside,

and the tools of his trade are lined up inside.

We nibble on the appetizers and sip a glass of wine as we look at the paintings, taking time to talk with Jimmy, whose work also graces walls in New York, Paris, Istanbul and other major cities.
Isn’t this a dreamy rendition of Notre Dame and the Seine?

Now for the live action art – and a heart’s soon up on the canvas.

Once it’s filled in, and the background prepared,

the drip technique starts, as Jimmy holds the can right up close and in short bursts paints the drips.

A few starry finishing touches and he finishes, just in time as night falls, to a round of applause from spectators.

Less than a block away is one of Aix’s most beautiful fountains, the Quatre Dauphins, a delightful reminder of Aix’s mottto – Ville d’Eau, Ville d’Art – how true!

Our last day, Saturday, and the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville is SO packed we can hardly walk through. Tour groups and painting classes cluster ’round the colorful flowermart, and tour guides tell tales of the clocktower and the fountain.

Meanwhile civil weddings, one after the other, take place in the Hôtel de Ville (town hall), adding yet more people and festivities to the square.

Xavier and Michele have invited us for lunch on the rooftop terrace, where Xavier the grillmaster prepares a feast.

We’ve brought a raspberry lemon tart from Paul – first time we’ve seen that combination, and it’s a hit with all four of us! “Take the rest for dessert on the boat”  we wave goodbye to Xavier til next trip, as he and Michele will be on the water for the rest of the weekend.

And we enjoy some more art to finish off our stay, as it’s the monthly artists expo in front of the law school.

Jean Claude has returned from Paris, so we invite him for an apero before finishing our packing and cleaning.

Au revoir, Aix, we’ll be back soon