Sparkling Celebrations in Aix

Sparkling Celebrations in Aix

Holidays in France, 2013
Interested in a Music and Markets Tour? We’d love to hear from you!  We’re looking ahead to Spring – May in Venice, Barcelona, or Prague, and our newest  – Aix en Provence for the Easter Festival.

Aix is all a- glitter with holiday lights… no water in the Rotonde fountain, just a cascade of twinkles.

Celebrations in France started the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, with the annual Beaujolais Nouveau  unveiling. It’s still being promoted, so we thought we’d check it out for ourselves with a meal, although in past years the new wine has been rather lackluster and uninteresting. We’re happy to report that THIS years BN is very good…an indication of an excellent vintage, so we can expect the finer wines of this year to be great!

An after-dinner stroll down the Cours Mirabeau is always a pleasure, and even more so with the Christmas lights all aglitter.

The annual Christmas market lines the avenue, the Alpine chalets filled with handcrafts, mittens and scarves, and the ever- popular vin chaud. Yes, it’s cold enough in Aix to relish a cup of hot spiced wine

or a paper cone filled with hot- off- the- fire roasted chestnuts.  

Something else to celebrate with our neighbors sends us to the bakery for a warm baguette,

and the Fromagerie for a choice of delectable cheeses to share.

We’re invited to the inauguration of a new sound system in their Cave d’Opera,

and with flutes of champagne in hand, raise a toast as we’re immersed in glorious Puccini, Verdi and more.

And the music continues upstairs, in their veritable museum of a home, shelves and armoires filled with exquisite antique porcelain. We (carefully) sip our coffee from delicate 17th century French soft- paste blue and white cups,


then stroll home through the Place de l’Archveché, thankful once again for this privilege of living in the midst of centuries of history.