Sunrise and Seaside in the South of France

Sunrise and Seaside in the South of France

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Aix & Cassis, France

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We’re looking ahead to Spring – how about the Prague Spring Festival in May?

In addition to working on our bathroom renovations (Eager for the big reveal?? So are we!) we’re researching a private tour for photographers, and high on our list are sunrises and sunsets! So we’re up early, ready to climb the hill north of town to one of Cezanne’s favorite perches, with superb views of his much-loved Mt. Saint Victoire. Rosy color paints the horizon,02181501 am mt st vand birds twitter around copies of Cezanne’s masterworks, painted from this very spot.02181501 am terrain de peintresHere comes the sun, little darling! 02181501 here comes the sun little darlinBack home for coffee, then we’re on our way back to Cassis. Although the boat-rental stand’s posted hours are 9:30-4:30, they were long gone by the time we arrived (well before 4:30!) yesterday, not expecting any customers on a winter day, so here we are again…and can easily get all the information we need from the helpful ladies in the kiosk.
Of course it’s never a hardship to visit this adorable seaside town, and we’re early enough today to see what the fishermen have snagged…a monkfish and an eel here,02181502 cassis fishermena prickly pile of sea urchins there. 02181502 cassis sea urchinsAnd to make our visit even better, it’s market day! An operatic duo entertains shoppers (I saw these two ladies singing at the Aix market yesterday – they get around!) 02181502 n even better its market day video too heard yesterday at Aix marketAs always, we’re enticed by the scents, sights and sounds of a bustling market – olives here,02181502 olives tapenadeseggs and goat cheese there,02181503 eggs and goat cheesea busy repairman plying his trade.02181502 repairHere’s a good language lesson – can you tell me what Apres and Avant mean?02181502 theres a good french lessonWe usually spend our time strolling the colorful harbor here, but the streets, too, are full of beauty…a faded facade,02181502 more than a port pretty village too old facadescolorful trim,02181503 seaside colorsa terrace lush with orange and lemon bushes. 02181503 sea view terraceContinuing to hunt out views for our photographers, we climb (by car) high above the town to Chapelle St. Croix, a sweet quiet spot 02181503 seeking photographers views above village chapel saint croixwith a lovely vista of the coast. 02181503 seeking photographers viewsOne more stop before we turn in the car…we’ll spend the rest of our time here on foot. Years ago we stayed at the elegant Hotel Pigonnet, and remembered their gardens, with a spot from which Cezanne is said to have painted. 02181503 stop by pigonnet gardensEven in winter the manicured expanse is lovely…we well recall sitting by the pool, strolling through the boxwood parterres – isn’t it beautiful? Just one more Aixoise treasure….there are so many!


To the Lakes  we go – the Salzkammergut

To the Lakes we go – the Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut – The Austrian Lakes District
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
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On the road again – but for only a little over half an hour. That’s how long it takes to drive from Salzburg to Mondsee, in the gorgeous lake district, where we’ll be for the next few days.
We’ve booked the family-owned Pension Göschlberger,
and even though we’ve arrived in the morning, our room is ready.
 Bright, simple, comfortable and spacious, with windows opening over a river flowing to Lake Mondsee, it’s just perfect for us (especially since the included WIFI works great!). We love the sound of the rushing river and the ease of access to the village and other lakes.
The painting on the façade of the Pension reflects its former life as a tanner’s workshop. We learn that several generations of the family were tanners before the grandparents of the current owner decided to convert the property to a guesthouse.
We settle in – what a relief to be staying put for three nights after sleeping in a different place EVERY night for the last 6 then eagerly get out to see the village.

On the hunt for a good lunch, we walk by the majestic golden- yellow church,

facing the broad square lined with colorful shops and cafés. Some interesting menus there, but we’re looking forward to a lakeside meal, and ask for a recommendation at the Tourist Office.

Fishermans it isa lovely old place with an inviting terrace.

While we enjoy our fresh-from- the-lake meal (could that be dinner swimming by below us?) we’re lulled by the lap of the water, and entertained by ferries and boats in between figuring out where we’ll go for the afternoon, as we’re “on the job”, planning for a future tour in the area…
to be continued.