Saturday, February 13, 2016
Bordeaux, France

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Passage Sarget proves the perfect spot for breakfast – a table for two in the quiet gallery, CAM10281 breakfastthe FT weekend in hand, a steaming cappuccino at the ready. Then we head for the other side of town, passing an elegant shop or two on the way.02131601 florist Our destination? The Flêche – the arrow or the spire – the pointy tall steeple of the church that names the quartier, Saint Michel. 02131601 st michaels fleche marketYet another stop on the Unesco World Heritage city trail, it’s surrounded today by the Saturday flea market. Table after table of exotic fabrics, 02131602 fabrics unlike provenceheadscarves, 02131602 neighborhood for headscarvesunusual produce too. Not a thing for our market basket – but certainly interesting!
Place de la Bourse, which we saw last night, deserves a daytime view as well.02131602 place du bourse mirroir when warmer Perhaps when we return in a few days the Miroir d’Eau, a shimmer of water between the Garonne River and the  Bourse, will be functioning. It’s off for the season now.
The architects of old Bordeaux do seem to have a thing for mascarons –02131602 so many mascarons nearly every building boasts a few of these each-one-unique faces!02131602 so many mascarons1Next on our route, the Porte Cailhau, a former defensive gate from the 1400s. 02131602 whats the nameWith mullioned windows, intricate carvings and turrets fit for a fairytale castle, it was clearly designed for beauty as well as defense!
Heading back towards the hotel for lunch, we pass a huge second-hand bookstore filled with treasures. 02131603 bookstoreSorry, Kirk, no room in our luggage!
There’s one more quartier we want to explore, the antique – and- brocante- filled Chartrons neighborhood. This pedestrian street beside our hotel was deserted when we walked to breakfast this morning – now we can hardly walk through the Saturday shopping crowds!02131603 deserted in the am jammed in pm satPast the public garden we go – 02131603 jardin long walk to chartronsit’s quite a walk to the Chartrons quartier – but we get there before the antique shops close.
Beside the beautiful St. Louis de Chartrons church, the Village Notre Dame is quite a treasure house – we wander through the rooms, 02131603 made it before antiquaires closedadmiring the beautiful old pieces and tastefully arranged still lifes – 02131603 tablescape for my homeI want this tablescape at home!
As the bells ring for evening mass we continue our stroll through the neighborhood, 02131604 bells for evening servicepeeking in windows, drawn inside the gleaming-golden church. 02131604 faithful few in glowing gilded interiorThen back to our neighborhood, and to an intriguing hole-in-the-wall we’d noticed beside the Porte Cailhau. The Zinc du Coin Chabrot is packed with locals, and we claim a table back by the kitchen. The menu’s on the chalkboard – we choose a few things to share – 02131604 zinc menuand the bottles are lined up on the bar, prices by the bottle or the glass written in white on each one.02131604 zinc du coin Delicious and fun – the kind of place that has us wishing our friends were along for the evening! 02131604 walk back to tower

Good night, Bordeaux – it’s been a pleasure!