Aix en Provence, France
October, 2012
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Thermes Sextius in Aix – those healing springs that drew the Romans to establish this town centuries ago – still entice with their relaxing waters and treatments. And from September 14 to October 13 they’ve been the site for a beautiful exposition of works on the theme of water as well.
Fifty works, of sculpture, painting, photos and installations, from fifty artists are beautifully displayed
in the spacious halls and rooms of the entry to the spa. Beneath the figure above one can see the original Roman baths and the source of the springs. 

Not far from the Thermes is a place we return to on nearly every visit to Aix, the beautiful gardens of the Pavilion Vendome. There’s a special exhibition in the pavilion too, with memorabilia and furnishings from the time of Henri Dobler, who purchased and restored the gorgeous property in the early 1900s – but no photos allowed.
As we were searching for an apartment in Aix in 2010, the expert assistance of Aline Mineur was invaluable. She’s now working with Avenir Immobilier, and she was the one who helped us really understand what it was we wanted… and that took looking at TWENTY TWO properties before we found our much-loved Ambiance d’Aix. We’ll never forget her phone call – “I’ve found what you wanted – it will come on the market in two days!” And she was right  – this was it! We’ve tried to get together on previous trips, but the timing has not worked out. Finally Aline is coming for coffee and we can show her how we’ve made the place “ours”.  Busy as ever, she gets a phone call within minutes of coming in the door… another sale coming soon!
Then we give her a tour of the apartment, and she’s as delighted as we are with our Aixoise home. We sit and chat over a café gourmand, and make plans to get together again when we’re back in town. And what goodies were in THIS café gourmand? A cannelé ( fluted chewy cake typical of Bordeaux), a raspberry tartlet, a caramel cream filled butter cookie, and a vanilla meringue – perfect little bites from a nearby bakery, one of the few that makes mini treats as well as the normal sized pastries.

An afternoon stroll through the Mazarine quarter completes another lovely day in Aix.