Saturday, September 26, 2015
Bath, England

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Yes indeed, Bath is bustling – it’s always a challenge to drive in and out of this popular town (we’re staying about an hour north, in Cirencester), and today, Saturday, it’s bursting with entertaining Morris Dancers everywhere we go!09261501-Bath-dancers-video-tooIt’s an annual competition, and from one plaza or sidewalk to another, colorful, smiling, brightly costumed dancers09261501-Bath-Morris hop and twirl to the rhythm of sticks or cheery accordion.
I’d love to keep watching – but we’re meeting a Mayor’s Guide in front of the Abbey for a tour of the town.09261501-Bath-Tour Although we’ve toured Bath before, it’s been a while, and we thoroughly enjoy our guide, David, and his tales entwined with the fascinating history of Bath, so lovely with lush flowers at this time of year. 09261501-Hanging-basketsFrom the Roman Baths09261502-rider to the golden stone architectural beauty of the Circus, 09261502-circuswe take it all in – and appreciate the gorgeous sunny day too! 09261502-circus-carriage And we like our guide so much that we invite him to lunch, along with his wife! After a quick peek at the Pump Room, 09261502-room-pumpwe meet Brenda outside, walk to nearby Bistro Barrique, and since the weather continues warm and beautiful, sit in the courtyard. 09261502-took-charming-guide-to-lunch A lunch special of 3 tapas and a glass of wine sounds so good that we ask the chef to choose his best for the four of us, and the table fills with delicious bites. 09261502-uber-tapasThis wonderful couple have an in-depth knowledge of the city, and have lots of good ideas for our upcoming Bath Mozartfest tour in November. We give them a ride home to their lovely townhouse, admire their sleek greyhound 09261503-beetons-at-homeand marvelous garden, 09261503-gardenand leave with an invitation for us and our Music and Markets guests for dinner when we return – oh what a special evening that will be!