Sunday, September 27, 2015
Lacock & Avebury, England

Interested in a Music and Markets Tour? We’d love to hear from you!  How about an unforgettable holiday with us at  New Years’ Jazz in Italy?

On the way to Heathrow this afternoon, but before we fly across the Atlantic we’ll step back a century or two in the delightful villages of Lacock and Avebury. But first, I neglected to mention that we fit in yet ANOTHER cream tea yesterday, while in Bath …. 09261503-teatime-again1and my mouth waters just to look at this again!
One of our day trips on the November tour will be to these evocative hamlets, both of which have been used as backdrops for several  BBC period pieces and even Harry Potter movies.09271501-homes-and-inns Strolling through the quiet Sunday morning lanes, we admire solid stone homes,09271501-lacock built to last, an inviting bakery,09271501-bakery and check out this roof beam – almost to the ground!09271501-quite-a-roof-beam  As we approach the creeper-draped church we hear an organist practicing inside, 09271501-lambs-making-racket-beyond-churchaccompanied by bleating sheep in the field beyond. The ruddy Virginia Creeper seems to be taking over, 09271501-va-creeper-spreading-like-kudzulike kudzu on a Georgia roadside! Not so in this elegant garden, with topiaries of a woman and a whale.09271502-elegant-garden-topiaryNear the George Inn (established in the 1300s!),09271502-george-inn-the-place-inside-in-nov where we’ll have lunch during our tour  is another autumn adorned beauty, 09271502-lacockand down the street a horse looks ready to make a phone call.09271502-horseOn our way to Avebury we pass through neighborhoods of thatched beauties,09271502-thatched-beauties-find-cost-and-time each one unique.09271502-thatched-beauties These homeowners pay a hefty price to carry on this ancient craft…the average cost of rethatching a four bedroom cottage is around 20,000 pounds, but a good thatch should last 20 years. Aren’t you glad they contribute to the beauty of England this way?
“The only pub in the world inside a stone circle”  in Avebury is in the process of rethatching 09271502-thatched-in-process-avebury–it’ll be done when we return for a pint in November. Prehistoric artisans built a huge stone circle, so large that you could only tell it was a circle from the air, with two smaller circles inside.09271503-prehistoric-stone-circles The smaller circles are still visible,09271503-walked-damp-1024x768 but many of the stones of the massive circle have been removed through the centuries. Are you getting tired of thatched cottages yet? I’m not! Here’s one with a little fringe on the edges,09271504-a-bit-of-a-fringe and another with windows peeking out…09271504-lodge-one-dayoh I want to stay in one someday!
But now it’s time to fly home….so glad we’ll be back soon!