Thursday-Friday, April 2-3 , 2015
Aix-en-Provence, France

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We say goodbye to a gray drizzly Paris, (and after an hour and a half whizzing south, finally see the sun somewhere over Burgundy)04021501 burgundy sun finally

then hello Aix, where the sun almost always shines!04021501 hello again rue adansonSettling in, we take it easy since we’re still struggling from the colds we got from standing out in the rain before going to Paris, stroll around at sunset, 04021501 sunsetand by Friday we’re ready to go.
We walked through the flower market on our way home yesterday just a little too late – the vendors were loading blooms into their trucks. But friendly Martine is on Place des Precheurs today, 04031501 am flowers too late yesterdayand I walk home past a favorite square with an armful of spring pastels for our mantel.04031501 by favorite place on way backLong-stemmed tulips in a pale apricot – delicious!04031501 long stemmed tulips this timeMusic and Markets Aix Easter Festival Tour starts tomorrow, and today we’re running errands: picking up concert tickets, finishing up bathroom painting, and trying out new-to-us restaurants. Aix’s one historic center Michelin-starred restaurant, Pierre Reboul, has a playful, less expensive, sidekick next-door, Petite Pierre. Is this the coolest take on caesar salad?! 04031501 michelin in town caesarAfter an interesting and delicious main – a Pastilla of lamb, shredded and wrapped in phyllo, chocolate, always a good choice, is the finale.04031501 reasonable treatsMore errands,always a pleasure when there are so many interesting things to notice as I walk – such as this Spanish-themed Repetto window. 04031501 repetto spainWe take the “long” route to dinner, just to enjoy a few more views on the way to try out another new to us restaurant. 04031503 eveningHidden in plain sight, right on a main shopping drag, is a creperie in an old olive oil mill. We’ve passed it for years, never noticing, until Lynne wrote about it on her Aixcentric blog. Well obviously everyone else knows about it – as we sit and enjoy our dinner every table is eventually filled – good thing we called to reserve!04031503 resto researchAnd the crepes are delicious, along with some unusual pear cider. Yes, we’ll be bringing our Music and Markets guests here, and telling our Ambiance d’Aix renters about it too! 04021502 goodnight moonGood night, Aix – it’s wonderful to be back!