Wednesday – Thursday, May 18-19, 2016
Aix en Provence, France

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A flight from Prague to Paris, a bus ride to the train station, then a fast train whizzes us south through the lush Burgundy countryside,05181601 Burgundy and we’re back home in Aix! A few purchases to settle us in, a check-up of the apartment, which has suffered water damage from upstairs renovations of a neighbor, a good night’s sleep in our own bed, and it’s Thursday, market day. We have a morning meeting with our manager and the contractor who will manage the repairs needed (painting will have to wait until the end of the summer, to allow our three hundred year walls time to dry well) but before they come we happily head for the flower market. 05191601 flowersFull of gorgeous spring scents and colors, one stall after another tempts, until we settle on a gorgeous armful of peonies – white for fragrance, red for color.05191601 fragrant white irresistable color of redAfter our meeting, where we bravely try to comprehend the insurance requirements and details of repairs in French, we all agree that the damage could have been SO much worse. Isabel, our manager, just HAPPENED to stop by the apartment to drop off clean sheets and towels one morning, and was shocked to see water pouring from a ceiling light fixture and down the kitchen and living room walls. She quickly shut off the electricity, called the Pompiers (fire department) who came and shut off the water, then assessed the damage and dried the affected furniture. It seems that the plumbing problem began earlier the same morning, not before that – or the house would have been flooded! As it is, our home is still comfortable and live-able, with some stains on the walls and ceiling that will be taken care of at the end of the summer. Not as pretty as it was – but it will soon return to its former state – and even better, we hope!
We’ll work on deep cleaning later, but now’s the time to get back out to the markets before they close. Joining the chic shoppers on Cours Mirabeau, 05191601 join chic shoppers on courswe take in the change of seasons – colorful summer merchandise is ripe for the picking! 05191601 summer goodsA new swimsuit? Or a find-me-at-the-beach hat?05191601 summer goods1Peeking down a pretty lane, 05191601 take another route homewe take another way home, stopping for some delectable spring produce for lunch.05191602 bounty of springPeonies for the eyes, a crisp cool rosé to accompany lunch,05191602 by peonies lunch we’re happy to be back!