Aix en Provence, France
Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interested in a Music and Markets Tour? We’d love to hear from you!  Why not join us in Bath, in November, for the Mozartfest?

The Sunday morning bells ring out  from the nearby Cathedral of Saint Saveur, and I stop whatever I’m doing to enjoy them, throwing open the windows. In both our village house in Vias, and this Aixoise apartment we can hear the bells from the nearby church, and I love it every time!

After church at the Eglise Reformé on rue de la Masse, we walk across the Cours Mirabeau to the Mazarin district, where we were last night for the concert in the conservatory. We noticed a sign for an art gallery which opens daily at noon by a garden gate of an elegant old hôtel particulier (private home) and it’s been on our must-see list for this trip.

Sculptures sprawl on the lawn, and a few tables are set up for drinks or a snack in the peaceful garden of the grand 300 year old estate.

Nicolas Mazet has added an Aixoise venue to his Parisian gallery, an excellent use for the family home he used to visit as a child when his grandparents lived here.

The current exhibition, in place until August 28, showcases the work of 14 contemporary artists, and is beautifully displayed from the garden to the basement to the elegant rooms of the main floor.
What an inviting place to absorb the art or relax with an aperitif!

One more intriguing sight before we fly home:  as we’re packing and cleaning, we hear a provençal drum and flute in the adjacent square, so drop what we’re doing to go listen. The duo, dressed in historic garb, takes a break and chats with listeners. You just never know what you’re going to see or hear in Aix!
Our flight home Monday took us via Frankfurt, then London, where we enjoyed a bit of Olympic buzz, with gold-medal winner Katie Ledecky on our flight home. What a reception awaited us at Dulles airport – tv cameras and reporters, banners and balloons. Welcome home!