Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Venice, Italy

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You know we love our markets, so we take time to stroll through the bustle of the Rialto this morning. This shopper decorated her boat to come to market.

Every guidebook on Venice will advise you to not order fish at a restaurant on Monday, since the market’s closed that day. Tuesday morning the stalls of the Rialto fish market are squirming with the freshest shrimp, octupus, eels, squid and more.

This lucky gull gets the first taste of the day.

Russell and Susan arrive right on time, gliding right up to the San Stae stop on the Alilaguna from the airport (just one of the great things about Hotel al Ponte Mocenigo – easy access to anywhere!). After the long overnight flight, on which they were able to sleep quite well, they’re ready to explore Venice, and receive a nice Benvenuto (welcome) as we glide under the Rialto.

Up and over, we cross the Grand Canal

and begin to show off the shabby chic beauty of this watery city

Explaining campos and wells, floating fruttivendolos (fruit and veg seller – one of my favorite Italian words – it just sings!) , and typical Venetian nibbles, cicchetti,

stopping for the quintessential Venetian aperitif, the Aperol Spritz (invented right on these islands), we fill the early afternoon with the sights, tastes and sounds of La Serenissima.

After a refreshing siesta, our guests are ready to continue, and we glide along the Grand Canal to dinner. In late May, the days are lasting much longer already.

Disembarking at San Zaccaria, just beyond Saint Mark’s, we smile at the sunset brushing a glow over San Giorgio Maggiore. We’ll be atop that belltower tomorrow morning.

An al fresco dinner in the garden of Al Giardinetto is as wonderful as ever – I hope they continue delighting us for years to come!

Could we  have seen this seafood

fresh at the Rialto early this morning?