Saturday May 28, 2016
Lake Maggiore, Italy

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That twinkly town we viewed across the lake last night? Verbania – and today we edge round the lake to explore it in person. Narrow streets are lined with vintage shop-fronts or colorful homes, elegant symmetry decked with blooms, 05281601 cute shops and pretty homesand the church opens out on to the sparkling lake.05281601 across the lake twinkling is verbaniaFrom the lakeside promenade (a string of lights along the shore from our perch on the hillside opposite) we figure out which is our apartment complex – above the large white building and to the right. 05281601 find our apartment acrossWe zigzagged up and up to get there yesterday, then from the parking lot climbed a couple of flights of stairs with our luggage to the first level of apartments – which seem miraculously attached to a rocky vertical hillside. You have to WORK for a view like that!
Does Italy have a Village Fleurie (flowery village) contest like France does?05281601 lakeside flower bedecked balconies If so, Verbania would be in the running!
Around the curve of this lakeside we continue, on to Intra, finding more elegant and flowery homes, 05281601 on to Intraand gazing in awe at men at work far above.05281602 at work menAs we look for a likely lunch spot, wanting to be outside, Kirk notes a sign for La Tavernetta, touting their giardino (garden)  – the menu looks great, and the leafy terrace very inviting – we’ll take it!05281602 kirk spies signs to la tavernetta giardino and its a winnerYes, it’s a winner – I could eat this gnocchi with gorgonzola and pears cooked in red wine every day!05281602 lunch could eat gnocchi with gorgonzola and pears cooked in red wine every dayWell-fed, we’re ready to continue our explorations –05281602 stroll back to car on to another lake on to another lake!