Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Southwest France

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The canals of Venice yesterday, a warm and welcoming home in deep southwest France today.  Jill, whom we first met on our Prague tour nearly a decade ago, has since joined us on at least four more Music and Markets tours,  and has become a dear friend. We’ve enjoyed her company at our home in Virginia, in apartments in Paris and Aix, and when we last visited her in southwest France she was in search of a place of her own.

She has found a lovely gem, and what a pleasure it is to see her with her own treasures gathered over the years, and around the world. All of our previous visits have been to places she’s been renting, not her own home.
Isn’t  this the most inviting living room?

Up the graceful curving stairway is a little courtyard, and further up a couple of bedrooms,

then under the eaves Jill’s designed a delightful suite with its own little courtyard, a kitchen,

and a comfy bed snugged in between the beams – oh can we just move in here?!

 A few steps down the main street there are a couple of cafés across from each other, and it’s just warm enough to sit outside by the Republique de France statue and relish a true taste of the southwest –

a salad brimming with smoked duck breast, gizzards, and local goat cheese.

Kirk’s tempted by that darling house across the street, but we resist – we DON’T need another French property!

After lunch we stroll a few lanes, admiring the half- timbered old homes

and the church down the road, then dodge the raindrops back to Jill’s house,

where she continues dinner pre- parations.

The table’s ready, and we enjoy a lovingly prepared  feast of cassoulet with a fascinating couple, David and Janet, who have established schools around the world. The time flies by, filled with marvelous tales – Jill has lived in Africa, Switzerland, England, Bermuda, and the USA before settling here in France, and we love hearing of the many adventures of previous years from these three. Merci, Jill, for such a memorable evening!