Wednesday, April 23, 2014
South of France

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Wednesday’s market day in St. Remy, so we’re on the way, driving through iconic allees of plane (sycamore) trees dappling the road.

The parking lots and side streets are packed with cars, eager shoppers streaming to the center, so Kirk drops us off and we walk by one enticing stall after another.
And here’s the bakery where we first tasted Sacristans, years ago. Are they still the best ones ever? We’ll have to find out! So we join the line, and come out with the long tubes of flaky pastry, wrapped around marzipan, dusted with sugar and toasted almonds. Yes – they’re still the best!

Booths snake down the lanes and fill the squares,

with combos playing in any corner they can find – this group is always right here, and well worth pausing for a listen.

Kirk phones as I’m enjoying the music “follow the jazz and you’ll find me there!”

On any day of the week it’s a pleasure to walk down the shady lanes of this charmer of a town – they’re lined with intriguing galleries (last spring’s private tour guest came THIS close to taking home a painting from this one),

home decor and brocante (vintage) shops, renowned chocolatiers, and several good restaurants and cafes.

On the outskirts of town is St. Paul de Mausole, the medieval monastery where a troubled Van Gogh checked himself in. There is still a short-stay psychiatric clinic on the property, but the ancient part, where Van Gogh stayed, is open for visits.

This peaceful haven

inspired nearly 300 works of art, such as Irises,

which just happen to be in bloom right now! Can you imagine him sitting by this field, memorializing their beauty for eternity?

A deux chevaux under the trees poses nicely.

Just across the road are some elegantly impressive Roman remains, known as Les Antiques.

Next stop (and next blog post), the ever-favorite Bistro du Paradou – can’t wait to introduce our guests to this memorable spot!