Tuesday, March 19, 2013, continued
Venice, Italy

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After that wow of a lagoon lunch, we have an afternoon to just wander, and absorb the beauty of Venice, pausing to enjoy one view after another – such as a gondolier maneuvering under the newly restored (it’s been covered for years!) Bridge of Sighs.

Passing by a shop that’s been a favorite since our very first visit to Venice, decades ago,
we take a few minutes to look over a hotel we’re consdering for a future trip,

climbing up to the roof terrace, hidden among neighboring homes.

Along a quiet canal, where gondoliers sing as they row,

through the bustle of Piazza San Marco,

beside window-shoppers in a gondola,

and down a few steps to an evocative corner, we’re in no hurry – what a pleasure!

Where shall we go now? How about Fondamenta Nuove, for a view to other lagoon islands?
Passing another facade that always grabs my camera, the gleaming Gesuiti,

then a time-worn square,

there, across the channel, is the cemetery island of San Michele.

Meandering along a smaller canal,

we take a break in a popular Cannareggio (one of the 6 districts of Venice) square and relax with a hot chocolate for me and an Apero spritz for Kirk,

taking in the beautiful old facades above us.
Arrivederci, Venezia – we’ll be back soon!