August 2015
Aix en Provence and more of the south, France

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Playing tourists in Aix, we stop by what drew the Romans here millenia ago – the warm waters. Those Romans did love their baths  – as we saw last month in Pompeii! Today the Termes Sextius are in an elegant building,08101504 thermes elegant now but the ancient baths are visible below the surface. 08101504 thermesDid you catch a glimpse of the meteor shower last week? Since we’re in a town, we couldn’t get a view without light interference, but leaning back on a car in a parking lot upper deck we saw a few “shooting stars”…Cassidy spied the most, three. 08101504 meteor gazing round midnightPavilion Vendome is another favorite spot – we’ll enjoy some music here later on our trip, when Musique dans la Rue begins.08101504 vendomeThe market’s always a draw whether we’re tourists or not – so many interesting things! 08101505 more marketsAnd new inspiration every day – what’s freshest, most fragrant, most beautiful?08161501 inspirationIt evolves easily to dinner!08161501 lunchA dinner party calls for a trip to the Fromager – the cheese-man, who ages each one to perfection. I wish you could SMELL and not just see!08161502 cheese for dinner partyOh yes, there are always errands to do. Kirk borrows a tall ladder from Xavier and finishes the painting in the kitchen and bathroom – yay, it’s done!08161502 painting kitchen and bath borrowed ladderYou probably remember by now that Saturday is one of the big market days, when the stalls multiply and spread from one square to another. The cheese and wine shop in Passage Agard offers us a taste of rosé and an interesting goat cheese – an ingot (because of its shape) so delicious that we just HAVE to take one home.08161502 tastingThat evening, as we walk down to Amorino for Cassidy’s at-least-once-a-day gelato, 08161503 strolling cours with conewe hear music as we approach Place Richelme – it’s tango night! 08161503 evening walk tangoMonday morning we pick up a car for a few days of exploring further afield. First on the list, our favorite seaside village, Cassis. 08171501 car cassisThis Florida girl has asked for some beach time! She doesn’t get to lie in the shadow of an ancient fortress on the Florida beaches, I’m sure!08171501 fla girl wants beachAs always, Cassis charms us with its inviting and colorful lanes – 08171502 balconywouldn’t you love to enjoy your morning coffee on this pretty balcony?