Sunday, August 18, 2013 
Provençal Villages, France

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Early morning and at sunset, the best times to appreciate the beauty of a place, no?

We had our sunset Roussillon experience back in May, and this morning we’re one of the first ones to stroll the village – no shops open, the lanes empty and quiet.

The one bakery in town is quite a popular spot, as I’m sure it is every morning. An integral part of the village since 1932, it rewards those who wait in line with scrumptious pastries. Our choices? An almond sacristan for Kirk, and a raspberry turnover for me, with a couple of café crèmes to go.
Finding a convenient bench, we nibble our pastries and sip our coffees as the town wakes up,

then wander a bit more, enjoying favorite corners, such as this wall that we hope is never repaired and plastered – a decrepit delight!

Rousillon’s ruddy tones are even more intense, lit with the morning rays.

Returning to the Sables d’Ocre, we choose a spot to while away a few relaxing hours,

NOT the lawn, please, since the robots are mowing diligently.
Tomorrow we’ll be flying all day, today is just pleasure… and more to come this afternoon!