Friday, January 1, 2016
Venice & Murano, Italy

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We’re looking ahead to Spring – Prague and Budapest, or Venice and the Veneto – join us!

Happy 2016, Venice! It’s a quiet sunny morning on “our” peaceful canal, 01011601 am venice video toothe church bells ringing a New Year welcome. Giovanna, our lovely landlady, left a holiday panettone on the table for us, with which Kirk made some delicious French (Italian??) Toast – yum!01011601 breakfast sizzlingAnd then we’re off exploring – walking by Madonna del’Orto, of the ringing bells. Could the sky be any bluer?!01011601 could sky be any bluerMust be a good omen to start a new year with a day like this!
Crossing the closest bridge (that’s our spot on the third floor across the canal),01011601 floor 3 we take our time walking through lived-in neighborhoods01011601 lived in neighborhood on our way to the vaporetto stop – today we’re visiting a new-to-us island, Murano!
From this part of Venice it’s a quick ride to the glass blowers isle, and we’re soon walking by examples of the art, such as this shimmering blue  “comet”, placed on the square during the holidays.01011601 quick vaporetto to muranoThe factories are closed today, but shops are open –01011602 craft shops how about a glass bustier?01011602 bustier –  and santa’s still leading his reindeer-hauled gondola.01011601 walk all over past santa gondolaAt one side of Murano is the museo vaporetto stop, and at the other the faro (lighthouse).01011601 walk to lighthouseThe glassblowers artistry fills churches as well as shops, elaborate chandeliers in San Pietro Martire,01011602 church murano chandeliers of course and a serene glass nativity in the cathedral,01011602 creche in glass in main church which was designed with this lovely exterior gallery 01011602 church with gallerythat could be seen by those arriving from the sea by boat.
Beside the church, these mourning maidens stand beside a war memorial.01011602 memorial beside churchWe stop for a canal-side snack as the sun sets,01011602 the sun setting and the holiday lights begin to sparkle.01011602 then lights come onDelicate chandeliers are the decor over the main canal,01011603 delicate chandeliers over canalwhere you can park your boat right in front of your home.01011603 parking reservedTinting the city in rose and coral, the sun sets behind Venice as we return,01011603 return and top off a perfect New Years Day with a great dinner at Paradiso Perduto and one of the best guitarists we’ve ever heard – Valter, from Vicenza,01011603 valter and fab dinnerabout 45 minutes inland. We have been listening to a CD of his at home and remembering the wonderful first day of 2016 – may the year continue to be terrific!