What makes our Amsterdam tour unique?

Opera and brunch while floating on a picturesque canal – only in Amsterdam! (Photo: Ronald Knapp)

Oh that tempting Belgian chocolate!

Oh that tempting Belgian chocolate!

We delight in introducing small groups (never more than ten guests) to lesser-known European music festivals, and the Grachtenfestival is a jewel that we love to share.

In a selection of exceptional venues, from hidden gardens to floating barges, we’ll enjoy a variety of performances from classical music of the 17th century to innovative recent compositions.

In addition we’ll enjoy three days in Flanders, Belgium, strolling the romantic lost-in-time town of Bruges, and the stately city of Antwerp, viewing the historic home and work of Peter Paul Rubens, and discover the treasures of Brussels, Europe’s capital city.

Accommodations for the tour in both cities, Brussels and Amsterdam, are elegant and carefully renovated hotels in the historic centers- a combination of 17th-century atmosphere and 21st century comfort and service.

Amsterdam is a culinary adventure, and we’ll enjoy it to the fullest, from Indonesian “ricetable”, to Dutch pancakes, to inventive contemporary cuisine, to garden-fresh creations enjoyed right in the greenhouse. We’ll show you where to pick up a wedge of gouda, a packet of stroopwafels, or some mouthwatering Belgian chocolates so you can enjoy tasty memories at home. Brussels is renowned for its fresh-from-the-North-Sea delights, French-inspired cuisine, and of course, Moules-Frites (mussels and “French” fries – which really came from Belgium!) which are prepared in an astounding variety of ways.

Although Music and Markets’ tours are designed for music-lovers, we don’t spend all our time at concerts, but we also enjoy tours of the historic canals, on foot or by canal boat; an introduction to best-buys, colorful open-air markets, and famed museums for a matchless experience in this marvelous corner of Europe.